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The world burns, set ablaze by the bad people. Sure we say there aren’t any bad people, but we’ve got to blame someone for our misfortune right? Maybe it’s the politicians who have let greed get ahead of service. Maybe it’s the government that’s just too corrupt to serve the people it was made to serve. I don’t like politics anyway. Most people I know don’t like it either. Perhaps it’s the thing about birds of the same feather hanging out together. Let’s make this a little base. Let’s bring it all down to a relatable daily experience.

Let Someone Else Do It

I have had a few hard days. Tough times you might even say. I’ve slept hungry a few days. Had no place to sleep a few times. Walked to and from SEKU a couple of times. See it’s simple, I’ve had a taste of what being really broke in campus means. My problem, I’m too damn proud to ask for help even when I need it. See its not like I don’t tell people when I am having a tough time. Problem is, when people can literally listen to your whole life story and still just look you straight in the eye and be like, “so how can I help you?” Probably the dumbest question I ever heard. See when it comes to help, you don’t ask someone how you can help them. You offer to help.

Here is a little thing I learnt the last time I walked from SEKU to KV.

All the lecturers can see you walk. They have the capacity to help. Their vehicles are less than full. Yet they will all drive right past you. Drenched like a horny horse on the hot January sun. I don’t know what they think but I can tell you what I think.

First One Hour

This being approximately 10KM after walking, you go through a phase of wishing and hoping that people stop by and pick you up. You are sweaty and sticky. By the time the hour is almost finished, around 12 vehicles have whooshed right past you. You are frustrated, disappointed and angry at yourself and the world for being broke. Angry at yourself for hoping there are still some good people left. The first hour ends with a hard reality slap square on your cheeks. Reality hits. No one will help.

The Second Hour Drags Past

After being frustrated, disappointed, angry…Your head clears, your heart is at peace with the realisation that no one will help. You start looking forward to that next kilometer and the hope that you will see the main gate. At this point, your pace has become steady. You forget you are actually walking. You start admiring the view. Notice the tiny details you normally miss in the bus. Then the small talk in your head starts and soon enough, you are speaking philosophically to yourself over how you would do things differently. How you would help people and make a change in the world. Having been on this type of trips a couple of times, I know the idea only lasts while you are walking, when you get home, your mind forgets it just like you forgot what you had for yesterday’s breakfast.

As the second hour almost dies down, your body starts letting you know it’s almost hitting chronic fatigue. You can see the main gate from a faaaaaar but thats normally the longest part of the walk. Nothing beats walking in the blazing sun, feeling the glaring heat on just one side of your face and walking endlessly whilst looking forward realising you’ve only walked a few steps. Thats honestly the worst part of it.

The Final 30 Minutes

As you get to the main gate, your legs and trembling, muscles spasming, so dry you cant taste your lips…so dehydrated you aren’t feeling any sweat run down your face. Yet now more than anything, know this, should you make the mistake of sitting down, your body will not let you get up. You know you must continue. You walk past that gate with an air of pride telling yourself you just finished the hardest part of the journey. A close to 19KM down, just three or so left.

Believe me, the road to Diaspora is hell. It’s the most stiff uphill section. Walk that road a couple of times though and you get to know a few shortcuts to KV. Just like the road slightly after Diaspora has a tiny road heading into the bushes. This road I came to learn winds around the mountain, leads you to the far top side of KV at the dispensary.

Now this is where you gather your pride and walk like you were just out for a walk up to the KV cross and you’ve just come down. Once you get home, when you lie down, you don’t wake up for an hour… Maybe it’s because you are so tired or maybe its because if you wake up, you wont have something to it. So you just lie there, half living, half dead, half wishing you weren’t here for yet again another day.

Not This Time

This time, I didn’t let it slide. I didn’t let the idea about helping someone else leave me. This time I decided to act on it. I saved up a little money and put up a hotel. I love food. I love cooking. I love quality service. I love making a difference. A tangible difference. Beyond plain talk. Beyond the money. Beyond the paper. We help make a difference for people who truly need it through our charity foundation. 10% of all our daily profits go to the Alpha Supreme Charity Foundation.

Don’t be the guy who stands by the side waiting for someone else to make a difference, be the guy who makes the change. Here’s why,

The World Burns Not Because Bad People Set It On Fire, But Because The Good People Stood By, Watched And Did Nothing.

Don’t wait for someone else to be the light, be the change. Don’t wait for someone else to start, Lead.

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